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We live near Huntsville on 11 acres (mostly woods) we bought in 2000 that I'm trying to convert to something usable. Several years before we bought the place, prior owners had all the large pines cut out, in places the logging crews tore up are dense patches of plants that thrived in disturbed soils.

I'm trying to remove brush and dangerous or prickly plants from the otherwise open yard area. Bullnettle, thistle, and wild blackberry have been chopped out or mowed when possible. Large stands of Beautyberry and youpon have also cleared with a machete then mowed to maintain if the ground is level enough to allow it. Smoothing the yard is being done in stages, along with trying to accelerate stump decomposition and improving drainage patterns around the house.

Clearing the woods is another matter. I'm working steadily to open spaces under the trees for a open woodland setting that merges into the lawn areas around the house, while still maintaining sections of undergrowth to provide cover and channel animal traffic. However, just maintainting the only drivable road through the property is a challenge in places where undergrowth is heaviest, there are places I have to thin with a machete several times a year, not always easy when part of teh encroaching growth is a thicket of hophornbeam (a.k.a ironwood). Similax and assorted brush make walking a difficult task in some areas as well.

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