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I live on 4 acres with my family. Approx. half of the land is wooded and I leave it (the woods) alone for the most part, just watching it each year to see what new plants come in or bloom and watching the wildlife that comes and goes.
I've gardened most of my life. I started out with flower gardens as a child and then switced to vegie gardens in my early adulthood and now I do both. I garden organically, even though it's more work to do it on this land. I think every seed that hits the ground sprouts!
I just hope my kids will learn from me and garden in their adulthood.

I live in: United States

My zone is: PNW 7 or 8

My favorite forum 1 is nwest.

My favorite forum 2 is organic.

First registered on December 08, 2001 .