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My husband & I have raised our family, (& still are currently), on a lovely lot, with a wonderful, large natural pond in the back yard. We have always appreciated the wildlife, which the pond abundantly attracts; mallard duck, canadian geese, chicken hawks, crows, wood ducks, king fishers, great blue heron, great white heron, white egrets, muskrats, minnows, tadpoles, bullfrogs, treefrogs, & an occasional large hawk, raccoon, red fox, skunk, & deer, ... & oh yes, ... this year was the year of the rabbits, with ’voracious appetites’, as they litterally distroyed, 18 of our 5 foot cedar trees, over the winter months.

Recently, we have made several changes to our land, ... as we realized we had to do something ’drastic’, when they built a large 2 story duplex, in the neighboring lot this year (almost the size of a hotel, with the first floor doors, above the top of our newly built cedar privacy fence).

Some of the changes we made included; having 2 large spade trucks deliver & plant, ... 18 ... twenty to twenty-five foot tall, white-pine & blue spruce pine trees, to edge our lot & help hide the enormous duplex, which towered above our privacy fence.

We then felt somewhat boxed in, & proceeded to cut down many huge ausie willow trees, which lined the edge of the pond. Now the pond looks more like a river or small lake, ... & we are able to more efficiently enjoy, not only the wildlife, but the wonderful sunshine, which was once prevented by the massive messy willow trees, ... not to mention, a couple nice bushes which were hidden away, that we didn’t notice before, including the sweet smelling honeysuckle & rosier dogwood shrubs.

In place of the ausie willows, we have planted a variety of fruit trees including; cherry trees & dwarf cherry bushes, paw paw trees, 5-in-1-apple, 2-in-1-pear, american plums, service berries, ... along with a couple japanese catalpas, & a sugar maple tree, ... as well as numerous beautiful asiatic lilies, & a few ornamental grasses, which fit into the pond edge so naturally, & oh, I can’t forget my new found love - canna lillies ... in abundance! The wildlife seems pleased for the most part, & we anticipate that they will be even more so, as the plants & trees mature.

If that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, ... we purchased 2 portable greenhouses, & I started all my own garden flowers, by seed this year. What an experience that has been. Some plants grew great & others, a complete flop, .... with the biggest greenhouse problems being; trying to maintain a reasonable temperature level, day & night, in Wisconsins’ unstable climate, & keeping my seedling labels accurate, as the ’quality permanent marker’ I used, seemed to vanish off my labels, as if I were using ’dissapearing ink’. Even so, ... my garden is now beginning to bloom with delight, with a wide variety of flowers, not sold in the local greenhouses. It has been a lot of tedious work, yet such a reward to see & learn of so many new flowers. LAUGH ... my neighbor asks me, "don’t you ever stop working?" ... & she tells me, .. I should invest in a sprinkler system, ... as she sees me out watering all my many plants, flowers, & trees, early in the morning, before she goes to work, ... & then again watering late at night, long after she has already gone to bed. I just can’t seem to help myself, ... something inside me, tells me to, ...

’just keep planting, just keep planting, just keep planting’ ...... laugh, cry!

Those of you whom are devoted ’plant lovers’, ... I am sure, can totally relate!!!

To me, ... flowers & plants are, ... ’EYE CANDY’, ... & who can ever have too many of them?!?!?!?!


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