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My front yard is shaded by an oak tree that is 75' wide . The tree lends impressive curb appeal to the property, but with dense shade under the tree canopy, hosta will gradually pine away and die. I have to host a traveling hosta exchange program in which I move hosta plants from front yard to back yard, because they thrive in the back yard. The oak tree also competes for moisture, so I am gradually building areas of composted wood chips and leaf mold which enables me to grow ferns, coral bells, and other shade plants. I hope to add a woodland plant here and there such as trillium or trout lily. . . . . For the back yard, I'm trying to find cuttings of peony shrubs that will thrive in our hot Georgia summers. Every peony that I've tried hasn't lasted much more than a year. . . . I have a 4' high hillside in full sun. I have a few cannas and day-lilies that have survived a couple of summers there. I transplanted some Shasta Daisy, columbine, and purple coneflower which have also survived. The soil is red clay and rock. Any suggestions? . . . . I have three raised beds with herbs and flowers. The squirrels and chipmunks are delighted that I installed a playground full of loose soil for them to dig in. I constantly need to replant what they dig up before the sun dries and scorches the roots. Which just goes to show ya--it's always somethin'!


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