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What can I say? I have been a visitor of Gweb since about 2003 but kept losing my username and p-word and had to register again. I began to visit more frequently since and I enjoy Gardenweb. I think Gardenweb is the largest online community for gardening and the other subjects are interesting too. This really is a great bunch of folks too. Not too many sites with so many experienced people to help out.

I started coming here because of the tree forum. Some of my favorites are the large natives (Sycamore, Tulip Poplar, Riv Birch, Red Oak) although I have a sweet spot for drawfs and columnars because I dont have a big yard. Fall color gardening is my thing.

I am also particularly interested in turfgrass and spend a lot of time in the lawn care forum. I have tried a lot of turf grasses, some of my favorite and most successful grasses in my lawn include my creeping bentgrass front lawn, Kentucky Bluegrass in excellent health far, far from the potential planting range it was once believed to have. And also the beautiful native creeping red fescue which I have found to be a low maintenance yet very attractive grass that I will be planting more extensively this fall.

You can also catch me in the pets forum and the pet debate forum at that home site at Gweb. I have two dogs that are a big part of my life, Beasley who is a terrier/retriever mix and Rodney who is a bearded collie.

I own a retail business and I live in a lil ol’ place called Buford, GA which is a suburb of Atlanta but very far out! About 35-40 miles.

I try to help people here and give out free advice. If you dont agree or if you dont like my advice, you dont have to use it.

If you like to talk about trees and lawn care and whatever else feel free to email me.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Voted #1 quirkiest

My favorite forum 1 is Trees.

My favorite forum 2 is Lawn Care.

First registered on October 15, 2005 .