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I am starting a Star Trek themed garden! There are tons of day lilies and iris that are named after Star Trek! I am also starting a rain garden with natives, mostly, and I'm incorporating natives into the whole garden. I really want Rosary Vine houseplant, please. I've been trading on another site and through Craigslist. I started trading and paying postage for other gardeners' plants and seeds when I realized I would never have the money needed to buy all the plants I want/need/love for my perfect garden. Trading is the way to go - to save money, resources, and it's just smart! Plants make seeds, runners, off-shoots, tubers, etc. for gardeners to share - that's what gardening is about, sharing.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 5 OH

My favorite forum 1 is Midwest Gardening.

First registered on August 22, 2014 .