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Ph.D. Quantum Chemistry
Gardening: tomatoes, peppers, hostas, daylilies, roses

New Roses 2004
I purchased 11 Buck roses from Sam Kedem. I also bought 3 own root Austins from Walmart:

Earthsong - started small with little yellow leaves, now it is the healthiest of the new Bucks. Not much fragrance yet.

Choral - Still small, some disease, not much fragrance yet.

Honeysweet - 2 gal own root, some disease, blooms look like explosion in lipstick factory, not much fragrance yet.

Winter Sunset - 1 quart, some disease, barely hanging on.

Country Song - had some blooms early on, some disease, barely hanging on.

Rural Rhythm - original died, replacement is much bigger, still loses some leaves.

Prairie Sunrise - some disease but growing OK, blooms smell like magic marker.

Distant Drums - some disease but growing OK, not much fragrance yet.

Prairie Harvest - some disease but vigorous, not much fragrance yet.

Gentle Persuasion - hung on for a few months then expired. Sam Kedem doesn't have much of a guarantee.

Music Maker - barely hung on for a few months then expired.

Molineux - some disease but vigorous grower.

Graham Thomas - Beautiful blooms but can't smell much fragrance, little disease.

Heritage - looks kinda sick. Planted in part shade because it is supposed to be shade tolerant.

end of 2004 new roses

Rose Garden Update spring 2004! Buck roses survive first Chicago winter without protection!

I have the following roses in my garden 2003 (I do not spray or winter protect). This is my second year growing roses:

Pierette Pavement - Lots of big, beautiful, wonderfully fragrant blooms all season. Average blooms size 4" but I have had a few 5 inchers! Show me a better Rugosa hybrid and I will buy it.

Snow Pavement - Lots of very fragrant, beautiful white blooms with a pink blush. Gets some blackspot near the end of the season.

Silver Shadows - 1 quart last spring, several flushes of intensely sweet white blooms. Smells like a confection from a bakery. No disease.

Les Sjulin - Beautiful large pink blooms, more fragrant near the end of the season. Very late in the season blooms started to smell like baby poo. No disease.

Aunt Honey - Lots of large, beautiful pink blooms but not much fragrance so far. No disease.

Wanderin' Wind - Nice pink blooms that are occasionally very fragrant when half open. This is my first season growing Buck roses. We'll see how many survive the winter. No disease.

Queen Bee - Large, dark red blooms with volatile fragrance. Slow growing. So far I haven't smelled the "old rose" fragrance that the catalogs describe. Maybe next year. No disease.

Baronne Prevost - A few small blooms this season, a large percentage of which balled. Not very fragrant so far. If it doesn't improve next year I will replace it. No disease.

Reine des Violettes - Purchased from kedemroses.com last spring. One flush of very fragrant small blooms, then nothing. Thorny canes. No disease.

Jacques Cartier - Local nursery sold me a small plant a year ago October, attacked by rabbits this season, barely hanging on.

Maiden's Blush - Once bloomer, not that fragrant.

Madam Hardy - Once bloomer, baby powder fragrance.

Hansa and Blanc Double de Coubert - Pale in comparison to Pierette Pavement and Snow Pavement.

Foxi Pavement - Not as many blooms as I hoped for, but the fragrance is OK. It is hard to beat Pierette Pavement.

Kaitlyn Ainsley - Supposed to be a cross between Roseraie de L'Hay and Fru Dagmar Hastrup. First season only a few blooms, not very fragrant. I hope it does better next season.

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