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I live in Katy, TX -- a suburb on the west side of Houston.

I am currently in an ongoing project to landscape our back yard. Going for a mainly tropical look around the pool, with:
- palms (queen, phoenix dactylifera, phoenix roebelinii)
- hibiscus (tropical & perennial & mutabilis)
- cannas (several varieties)
- gingers (costus, curcuma, hedychium, zingiber)
- dichorisandra (blue ginger)
- jasmines (sambac, cestrum nocturnum, murraya paniculata)
- tuberose
- coleus (several varieties)
- alocasia, colocasia, xanthosoma
- oleander
- crepe myrtle
- tecoma stans (texas bells)
- tecomaria capensis (cape honeysuckle)
- firecracker plant (russelia equisetiformis)
- caesalpinia pulcherrima (typical and pink forms)
- caesalpinia gilesii
- salvia guaranitica
- persian shield
- morning glories
- moonflower
- corkscrew willow tree
- beautyberry (american)
- mexican butterfly weed
- buddleia

Also fruits and vegetables:
- peach tree
- satsuma tree
- blackberry vines (several varieties)
- cucumbers
- tomatoes

Obviously, I get carried away! But it sure is fun . . .

I live in: United States

My zone is: 9a TX

First registered on November 22, 2004 .