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Help! My life has been overtaken by an unstoppable force which is compelling me to buy from Garden Centres, Dealers, The Internet and Tree Nurseries. It drives me to roam Woodlands, Hillsides and Disused Railway Lines on cold, frosty mornings to dig Gnarly Old Stumps after reams and reams of Red Tape seeking permission. I am shunned by my family who "sort of get it" but secretly think I have some kind of Frankenstein syndrome, trees being my experimental bodies...
My garden, oh dear. I am having to do a total landscape in order to cope and luckily have enough land to be able to create a nursery area where I can Field Grow my trees, my Benches though are staying within eyesight where I can marvel at my creative Genius. When seeking perfection the smallest flaw becomes the biggest problem...how true.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Cheshire u.k.

My favorite forum 1 is Bonsai.

First registered on January 23, 2005 .