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This is an update as of 6/16/04.

Hi There, Currently a resident of Florida, going on 4 years now. Prior to that I was an Ohio Buckeye. Since moving here, I've learned to swat skeeters and outrun fire ants. Actually I think I'm building up a tolerance to their poison. DH hauls boats to pay for our bread, butter and seeds. I stay home and raise seeds, chixs, rabbits, 1 goose, 1 dog and 1 tom cat. The goose and cat like to make my morning rounds with me. Unfortunately the goose will eat anything that looks like a melon plant. Fortunately the cat and goose get along just fine.

We have one son left at home, he's currently a sophmore and will be transfering to UF in the winter for a career in medicine. Err.. at least that's his plans for now. At 19 he still changes his mind a great deal.

Over the years I have become very interested in organic gardening, althought it comes closer to IPM gardening. Florida has some very serious plant eaters and so far they outnumber any biologicals I've incorporated into my little section of the world. Gardening in this kitty litter they call soil presents me with daily challenges. I've learned planting seeds is beyond me, unless I start them before planting. The sand seems to suck them into the ocean or if planted to close to the surface the dang blue jays have a glorious picnic. The chicks and goose will consume any new seedlings, so.... it's best just to get them a good start first.

We raise chickens for eggs, meat and insect control. This year we have 6 hens left from last spring, still laying of course. Also 37 chicks. The dog killed 1 with her big fat paw on it's head. Joys of animals.

We have just started to learn about rabbits, planning on raising for meat with an eye toward selling some. Along with that we have just started looking at vermiculture and that seems a natural along with the prodigious amount of bunny poo just one adult rabbit can produce.

After we learn to do all of this, we're going to look at keeping bees next. All this from what was once a city girl.
Lets see.... only other thing I can think of is I recently became a Florida Master Gardener, and I also am the volunteer editor for one whole gardening page in the local paper. Also write. So, that pretty much is what I'm about.
Bright Blessings to all, Poppy

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