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I grow Jupiter grape which is about the tastiest vitis I have ever had the joy of eating!

I find that the Negronne fig is the tastiest ficus in the Northwest, bearing two crops per year.

As for plums, the best European plum I have found to date is the Brooks prune. Huge, sweet, late, and full of good flavor. I cannot imagine a prune with better characteristics, except maybe ripening earlier than late September.

I have two candidates for favorite Japanese plums: one being Santa Rosa. All too common and available, but hey, they flavor is all there!
My other fav is something I found locally called "peach plum". It is actually about the size of a peach, is yellow with light blush of red on the sunny side, yellow flesh, small stone, and the flavor varies with the fruit. Some have a hint of clove, others a hint of some other flavor I cannot ID, but truely wonderful. And yet others a good plummy taste. And this is all from the same tree. One year I forgot about some of these peach plums in the back of my frig for around 2 months. When I discovered them, they were in fine condition still, altho the subtle clove flavor had disappeared. Still good eating though! So this one has fairly good keeping qualities as well.

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