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I just bought a house one year ago and have attempted to become an avid gardener - I have discovered that I really, really enjoy it. I have lots of fun challenges, as I found out that the land where my house was built used to be a rock quarry, and then later used to store road maintanence equipment ! So, I have rockes, rocks, rocks, gravel, asphalt and more rocks, as well as very heavy clay soil. Yet, I do have plants blooming !

Follow-up: its been three years since I joined the forum, and my garden just keeps getting bigger. I’ll be cannibalizing some lawn soon, as I have run out of space. I still have more rocks than I know what to do with, and my shade gardening is coming along. I still love gardening !

It’ll now be my 5th spring this year. I DID cannibalize some lawn for some new plants, and am still working on my shade gardens. I’ve also branched out to doing the gardening for my sisters - one in CT and the other in NJ - hard to find the time, but its too much fun. This year, I think I’ll go back to a lot of annuals instead of concentrating on perennials - more fun picking the new varieties. I’m also going to concentrate on more organic gardening - didn’t pay too much attention to that early on, but its something I should do. On to spring !!!

2008 update - it’s been 7 years now since I bought my home, and I still have a major gardening bug ! I have renovated some beds from their original plantings, and have done extensive shade gardening under my little shady spot of about 15 trees. I love lilies and can experimenting with different varieties. One of these days I’ll finally complete that inventory I should have - maybe this year :-)

I live in: United States

My zone is: z 5A NY

My favorite forum 1 is Hudson Valley.

My favorite forum 2 is Lily.

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