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Im twenty one years old and live in Orange County California. I love tree ferns and pretty much anything really green and lush looking like japanese maples and elephant ear. I keep a perennial flower border with daylilies, salvia, buddleia, kniphofia(my favorite), lavender, columbines, coneflower, irises, morning glory, jasmine, canna and monarda. I love hummingbirds and butterflies so I dont use any pesticides. I have a pond filled with tropical water lilies and lotus and my pet turtle George. This last year I planted some figs (black mission, brown Turkey) citrus ( Moro blood orange, Valencia, mexican lime, and an unknown grapefruit and lemon). In spring I want to plant some brugmansia, bananas, plumeria, and maybe some more hummingbird attractors. I guess im pretty lucky gardening in southern Cali but sometimes I wish i could grow hostas and some fruit trees that require cooler winters. I guess I shouldn't complain it was in the 70's today and its January... -=]

I live in: United States

My zone is: zone 9 so cal

My favorite forum 1 is Moss, Ferns & Cryptogams.

My favorite forum 2 is Hummingbird Garden.

First registered on January 09, 2006 .