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Volunteer for the Clean Earth Foundation "Natural solutions to Unnatural problems" I believe our first duty is to leave the planet no worse off than when we arrived here, and hopefully better. Without plants there would be no life, so it all starts and ends with them. Not to mention they are beautiful, many smell good, many taste good, what more does one want (or need?)
I grow many different kinds In Chantilly, both outoors and in greenhouses and love to trade, or give away if educational institution. Baamboo one specialty, but eco-security fence (no more burglars - ever :-) and lots of other fun plants I experiment with, along with building a mountain - the highest point between the Atlantic and the Blue Ridge - I have raised it more than 200 feet over original ground level - covers 50 acres with its lake where the first dirt came from.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7 VA

My favorite forum 1 is Bamboo.

My favorite forum 2 is Fig.

First registered on September 22, 2003 .