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I am mature, married and like cottage gardening. The front yard we keep more formal. DH is a ’Park and Rec man’. That means trees, clipped shrubs, lawn and concrete. Vines crawling up trees and ornamental grass were ’controlled substances’ as far as he was concerned. I have won him over and he is up for most anything. We have a mature dog that is as old as we are in dog years. Retirement is around the corner and we are unsure of our ability to stay off the couch of total indulgence. DH welds stacks or wire on metal I buy for trellises and garden objects. The pots in the front yard at first had conservative trellises in them. It interfered with the flowers so the trellis started going behind the pot. Things escalated last fall and he welded ’lolly pop sun trellises’. I really was not sure about them, ostentatious, nahh.. Swiss chard and violas in the pots. The neighbors were silent. The weekend before Christmas the cables were cut and they were stolen. Ok, good enough to steal! Out went the replacements, not as unique but bigger and a bright spray of gold paint. They had better bring a shovel, pick or a metal saw next time.
This year the vegetable garden will go into the flower beds. I want to learn how to use the new greenhouse and start plants from seed. I yearn for urns and more metal objects for my garden.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9 Ca

My favorite forum 1 is Ozarks Region.

First registered on November 14, 2009 .