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Kristing has inherited my NE 9th garden. I'm sure all the wonderful plants shared with me over the years will do well under her charge. Thanx for that generosity to: AnnP, Martin, DahliaGuy, MennoAnna, Patty, BarbE, North Pdx neighbors, Master Gardeners, OldHerb & your NE Friends, Ming, & all who were so generous since 2003. Thanx Kin in Salem. I’m jealous of your giant BRUGS. Thanx to my new Persian-American friend - for all the seed WOW! I enjoy learning about every plant, and have cuttings and seedlings to share every year.

Craigslisters Vin, SAGE (now gardenwebbers) - THANKS for the containers! Thanks Katharine (KatzNeon) & Mike.

in the last 5 years Dozens of Craigslisters & FreeCyclers got herbs from me...in garden visits, even in winter. i'm now starting a new garden on 3x the space. This is the life.

Pllase come to my Plant Swap Sunday Oct 5th 103 PM at 4004 NE 105th Ave, in Portland 97220
Rain or Shine!

Portlanders: join my Yayhoo newslist...CheapoGazetteNW.

I have moved to a BIGGER garden space! bring your Veggie Starts and fruit Trees/bushes to 4004 NE 105th, 97220! I have a quarter acre that wants Food production & even more beauty.

I volunteer in others’ gardens, at native plant events, & for Democratic campaigns and non-profits. I haul a shovel, plants and equipment in a roller-bag on the city bus!

Are you dividing and sharing plants this year? I’ll help for coleus, hosta, daffs, salvia, crocus, colchicum, windflowers, other corms, rhizomes or tropical looking plant bulbs. Your Blueberry Prunings will be put to good use at my new house.

See my Exchange list...Ask, and Offer...

Will make tea, lead brewpub tours for those visiting Portland. Just bring seeds, starts, plant cuttings, that excess Zuchini, fruit, preserves or a cool rock for my garden. p>Free Seed for SASE. New gardeners/homeowners: see my Exchange list and tell me what you’d like.

Come to Mid-County/NE Portland for a visit. I have a great space to Host Spring/Fall Swap events.

Life is good!



I live in: United States

My zone is: 8, Portland, OR

My favorite forum 1 is Plant Propagation.

My favorite forum 2 is Seed Saving.

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