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three and 1/2 years ago i moved from the nicest neighborhood in sacramento,ca. to rural butte county california. i have always been a gardener and when i got some space here to have a real garden (5000sq ft with a 200sq ft greenhouse). i have come to the conclusion that there is no way to beat the garden pests here. this must be what the dutch went through trying to reclaim land from the sea, just when you think the dike is secure you find a puddle. the seceeding years here have been dubbed respectively:2002, "year of the deer"; 2003, "year of the rabbit"; 2004, "year of the rat", and this year is the "year of the gopher". oddly the gophers didnt become an issue until this year before now there was an occasional straggler but this year they have come from everyplace to visit my garden. these years and my wish to get away from non organic fertilizers have "caused" the creation of patriot nutrients & controls, (everything is natural and organic, but the legal implications of the use of the word "organic" make it too difficult to use. the formulations are all based on "RODALES ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ORGANIC GARDENING" with a little "JERRY BAKER" thrown in. i am recently online as we have no phone lines out here(wireless LAN)and am glad to have found such a valuable resource. thanks gardenweb!

I live in: United States

My zone is: butte co, Calif

My favorite forum 1 is Integrated Pest Management.

My favorite forum 2 is Organic Gardening.

First registered on July 23, 2005 .