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Inner city townhouse with smallish but very nice walled formal garden. Brick paths with small boxwoods lining, birch€™s and several exotic evergreens, About 65% permanent.

Pond is six feet in diameter and two feet deep sealed concrete (should have painted it black). Statue of "La Breeza" from Florentine Craftsmen (Long Island NY). Pond was installed in 1999 with plants, fish, frogs, snails, etc.

Just finished the full cycle of caring for pond myself (out of necessity). Am now "the pond man." Wish I would have known how interesting and active such a small pond could be. Very labor intensive though but that is part of fun.

After a rough experience learning the hard way last summer (many casualties), have had no casualties this year. Definitely have the water quality under control. Widlife seems to be thriving. Plants still a learning experience.

Cute story:

Our pond has four steps leading up to it from a patio and six steeper, curving steps on either side of it leading up to the main garden level. In August of 1999, our 10-12 tadpoles started turning into frogs -- little guys that squeaked when startled -- complete with sitting on the lily pads. Cute.

About the only way I could observe them was from the window of my library overlooking the pond (I still have binoculors there).

Soon the little frogs started coming out of the pond at dusk and that€™s where the fun began. Every night, instead of going to the side of the yard where there was some garden, or down the steps to the patio, they would line up going up the steep stairs on either side of the pond. If you caught the action at the right time, you might catch one on each of the stairs, looking up at that steep jump, waiting for the guy in front of him. It was quite a cute show.

Next sping when the pond came to life, what do you think happened? That€™s right, out of the pond, up the stairs and into the garden, just as they had done before. That happened again this year. There are 6-7 of them now -- a lot larger of course -- and the lily pads have a hard time holding them. Whenever we come in late at night from the garage, it is standard behavior to watch out for the frogs on the pathways.

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