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A graphic artist with a brownish green thumb ;)

I started with orchids and peonies. I got hooked into roses when I acquired a wonderful Mary Rose (Austin), due to it’s resemblance to some of my herbaceous peonies, I was hoping that it will be a good substitute to continue my peony "blooming season".
As my garden is now home to numerous other large plants, my roses are permanent greenhouse pot plants. Quite a luxury really, as my orchids don’t even get to be in it (they thrive just fine in house). This worked out to be quite well aslo as most of my roses are of the old-fashioned kind and tend to ball up in the very "overdone" rainy season we have here.
Plants that I have (at one time or another)
50 + Dahlias (assorted variety but usually of the decorative type)
10 peonies (which by now literally owned the entire garden bed)
200 + orchids (smallish plants and easy to accomodate, very easy to care for and very cool things they are)
10 African Violets (I have managed to single-handedly kill all of them and I have since given up on them)
Gardenias (don’t know how many but so far only three are barely surviving)
32 Roses (and the collection may still grow), due to greenhouse space I can not have too many as they do seem to grow quite large in a very short time (so unlike orchids). Bourbons are my favorite kinds and they seem to love the greenhouse too. Austins and Romanticas come a close second. However, I do have a tendency to rave about the Mary Rose (in the few posts that I have replied to).
I don’t have a digital camera yet (spent all the money buying plants ;) ) but I will get to posting some pictures if I have a chance.
3 carnivorous pitcher plants - I broke down and decided to get them as they are looking very luscious and veyr good at the plant shop greenhouse. One of them is a hanging nepenthes pitcher and the other two are northern pitcher plants that were infested with mealy bugs deep in the growth area (damn that plant shop). Ironic that these are supposed to be eating the insects and not the other way around.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: rainy West Coast z8

My favorite forum 1 is Container Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Antique Roses.

First registered on September 02, 2003 .