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I've been growing orchids for a little under two years (since April 2000) and am wonderfully, horribly addicted, w/around 55 plants in my modest apartment, blooming happily for the most part under shop lights (rather utilitarian but they focus even more attention on the plants and I barely notice the ugly things). My favorites are the slipper orchids, I have 3 phrags and many paphs. I'm particularly fond of the species paphs and continue to add them.

11/02 Well it seems my apt is no longer modest-I've doubled my collection in under a year. Still heavy on the species Paphs with lots of odds and ends species leaning toward miniatures. All grown indoors under fluorescent lights, most get some sunlight from east & west windows for short durations. An evaporative cooler adds humidity as well as cooling during warmer months. I've rebloomed Phals, hardcane Dens, Onc & intergenerics, Phrags, many Paphs, and some odds and ends. Quite a few are in s/h culture, my experience of which has been mostly positive since the first plant went in in March 2002.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Tucson, AZ

First registered on January 17, 2002 .