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Formerly a Southern California resident gardening about 14 miles from Pacific coast. Patio faces directly south, so there’s full sun all day (normally). Rain tarps were used on occasion, and saved me a lot of overwatering grief for record rains. Dwarf citrus (2004) and outdoor vegetable hydroponics are the primary patio priorities.

The citrus offered me some challenge and much reward (seven trees now, eight soon). The recent Fall/Winter featured ample new growth from soil warming, and ample blossoms. Protection needed on colder nights throughout Winter. Citrus took me into two additional investigations that I have not seen anywhere else in any capacity:

-- Converting plastic containers for citrus in a way I have seen nowhere else (completely original). This investigation is ongoing, but "holey" containers have worked for one year for me, at this point, as previously described. Please note that this method is not normal - I’m pushing at least three boundaries with such an approach. But I’m not getting pushed back either.

-- Converting an outdoor stucco planter into a soil incubator for five containerized trees (85 gallons of soil). Also developed from scratch, also original, and also paid off.

New efforts in 2005 will entail outdoor hydroponics for vegetables involving two systems, and co ntinued emphasis on the aeration of Citrus roots (rework of study below already well under investigation). For outdoor hydroponics, I’ve had to tackle unlevel cement, Santa Ana winds and associated dust, rain, protecting roots from sunlight, and the promise of a very hot Summer. I think I have it worked out and might post pics later.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9 NorCal (SF Peninsula)

My favorite forum 1 is Hydroponics.

First registered on August 13, 2004 .