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Well the obvious would be that I love to garden. About 8 years ago I bought my first home and so began a love affair with the dirt. It started as a garden and before I was done, (well I will probably never be done) my whole entire yard was full of flower beds. It all started with someone giving me a few things and the next thing you know I couldn’t get enough, so now there aren’t to many flowers that I don’t have for my zone.
This last summer I discovered daylillies and a new project was born. Aside from gardening I am owned by a husband, a son, two dogs and four ferrets.

Daylillies that I grow. Ones ready for trade are on my trade page. Thanks.

azure violets
aqua fresca..2005
almost blushing
at first blush
adopt me v
awesome blossom v
always afternoon v
apache wardance ?
autumn minaret v
all fired up v
all american eagle
addie branch smith
arkansas post
banana glow
blue moon rising
big edge fred
blueberry cream swirls
bold wonder v
bold tiger v
baggette v
blythe belle
bahama butterscotch v
black eyed stella v
baby blues
bonanza v
blueberry candy v
brave world v
butterscotch ruffles v
bodacious returns v
Bela Lugosi v
Becky lynn v
blue fantasy
barbara mitchell
canadian border patrol
Cherry valentine...trimmer 99
coral spider
court magician v
Chuck wheeler
carribean fire beacon v
condilla v
carefree peach v
chorus line v
custard candy v
critical mass... whatley03
catherine woodbury
cedar wax wing v
chester cyclone v
Cleo v
common sense v
Chris Salter v
candy from heaven v
collective spirit...petit03
childhood treasures...salter 92
cinderellas dress v
cortyn dance
copper canyon v
chicago silver v
crazy lace v
clothed in glory
creepy crawler
charles johnston
doc holiday
decatur cherry smash v
double button v
doge of venice
double tequila bunny v
daring deception v
dear mom v
dominic v
dragons eye v
designer jeans v
dream legacy
darla anita
dream blue
elegant candy
eye on america
Elfin knight
elsies touch
evelyn claar v
earth fire v
etched in gold
Elouise Camp v
edge ahead v
etched eyes
egyptian ibis
Ed Brown..94
fanciful candy
flames over africa
fairest of them
fragrant finale
finders keepers v....not registered
forestlake ragamuffin 93
frans hall v
fairy charm v
ferris wheel v
fuschia dream v
french porcelain v
final touch
forget me not
fruit loops
frozen Jade
Femme de jois
fortunes dearest...morss94
grape velvet v
grandfather time
gemini jack
gordon biggs v
green flutter v
galaxy explosion david burris 2004 spider v
graceful eye v
happy apache
hampton classic
heavenly beginnings 01
heavenly treasure
heidi eidelweiss
Helen shooter
heady wine v
heirloom lace
have time v
heavenly island magic 2002 gossard
holly dancer
Indian sky v
In your dreams
Ida’s magic v
ice carnival v
in depth
illini jackpot
Jock randall v
Jean swan
jersey spider v
jung orchid mist v
jung lemon blush v
jung lemon ice v
janice brown v
jimmy crack corn v
Joan Senior
key west
kwanso v
kachina dancer
Lulu’s knobby
Lavender spider
lime frost
lilting belle
lady neva
lonesome dove
little baby mine v
lullaby baby v
linda v
loving lion v
little zinger v
louise mercer v
luxury lace
lady at leisure v
little wine cup v
lady georgia v
lacy marionette
lake norman sunset
mauna twirler
macho macho man
morning for flamingos....salter 2001
my eye elsie
moses’ fire v
moonlight rhapsody v
miss tinkerbelle not reg v
miss Amelia v
may hall v
manilla moon v
mynelles starfish v
milk chocolate v
Mokan butterfly v
made in dixie v
madge cayse v
newberry cherry eye v
newberry blue eye
new series
night beacon v
nicely dressed v
nuesa bergman
odds and ends v
ornate ruffles
olive bailey langdon
open hearth
orange monarch v
oh so fine v
orchid candy v
ostrich plume
pat garrity...stamile 03
palace garden beauty
pink cotton candy
passion district
pink ambrosia
prickled petals...joiner98
popcorn pete 03
paradise city...stamile 01
patricia fay
pearl harbor
prairie blue eyes v
prairie bell
pink lavender appeal v
pink charm
peppermint lady v
purple d ora v
Pete ellerby memorial..lost
paper butterfly
paprika velvet v
pandoras box v
peaccok maiden
priscillas rainbow
quest of dreams
quilt patch
quality of mercy
ruffled apricot
ruby spider
ransom note
red rum
raspberry pixie
rainbow eyes
red grace
ruffled pantaloons
russian rhapsody v
rose veil Not reg
real wind v
route 66 v
royal frosting
royal braid
sacred drummer
salmon sheen
spider miracle v
siloam tee tiny v
siloam uri winnifred v
siloam pink petite v
siloam cinderella v
siloam Mama v
siloam david kirchoff v
see my etching
small gesture
spiny sea urchin...stamile04
style plus v
strawberry hill v
shari harrison v
somersbee angelkisses v
southern summer v
south seas v
spacewars not reg v
strawberry candy v
stella d ora v
streaker v
scarlet orbit v
sleigh ride
summer wine v
swirling waters
spacecoast cream supreme v
spacecoast cranberry kid
spacecoast extreme fashion
spacecoast ruffles
spacecoast sunshine
swanking around
strawberry fields forever
swashbuckler bay boy...1999
spiritual corridor v
starmans quest v
swirling spider
shallow water 2004 Dan Hansen
siberian summer
scott fox
symmetry in ruffles
sweet sugar candy
touched by grace..2000
tigereye spider

tahitian waterfall v
tideline v
tangerine horses
tall angel v
trogden v
tobacco road v
tiffany jean v
umbrella parade
violet explosion
br>woodside ruby
wild about sherry..2000
white temptation
wisest of wizards
winnie the pooh v
wineberry candy v
wind frills v
wild rose
Wild horses
web of intrigue v
wildest dreams
yellow surprise v
zippity do da
Then there were hostas..:)
So sweet
pineapple upside down cake
chery berry
dark star
fried green tomatoes
Guest plants not for trade at all. Need returned 2008.
christmas celebration
let loose

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 OH

My favorite forum 1 is Perennials.

My favorite forum 2 is Daylily.

First registered on March 02, 2004 .