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Retired Bio Science teacher. Amateur palm and other warm-climate plant collector. Have a sort of eclectic combo-many from seeds collected in tropical places and botanic gardens. I have about 65 palms spp + ~100 other plants on a very crowded 80x140 foot yard in east Merritt Island.

Here�s a few of my favs in the yard:
Akee, Asoka Tree, Banger Nut, Blue Lilly-Pilli (Aus.), Bull-Horn Acacia (Costa Rica),Candlenut, Claudie Tulipwood and Scented Daphne (both Queensland rainforest spp), Curry Leaf, Divi-Divi (Bonaire), Dragon Fruit, Gin Berry, Guiana Chestnut, Guapiruvu, Horsradish Tree and another Moringa-(M. drouhardii),Neem Tree,Panama Candle Tree, Pasquita, Chaya, Teak Tree, Vinegar Tree (Aus.), Wollemi Pine and Ylang-Ylang.

Some Palms: African Oil, Black, Bottle, Carnauba Wax, Carpentaria, Coquillo, Feather (Weddles), Flame-Thrower, Gru-Gru, Lipstick (potted-mobile-moved to garage often), Manarano, Peach, Red Latan, Rootspine, Spindle, Taraw,Vegetable Ivory, Wallichia, White elephant

I live in: United States

My zone is: z10a FL Merritt Island

My Birthday is April 10 .

My favorite forum 1 is Bird Watching.

My favorite forum 2 is Name That Animal.

First registered on October 25, 2005 .