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Hi, everybody!
Two years ago we bought bro-new house with 1/3 of an acre empty land.
Since then I am always outside gardening. I did not know before, that I have so much passion for growing plants.
Very exited about opportunity to discuss problems and success with people, sharing my hobby. I am happily married, have two sons and Dalmatian dog.
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Just receintly we add new member to our family:
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It’s a girl! Rhodesian ridgeback.
I’m proud to live in Garden state - where we have it all:
Ocean, beaches
Delaware River
Huge shopping Malls (museums too)

Here list of what I have planted on my property:

Purple Fountain European Beech 2004
Double Weeping cherry Yae-shiDares-higan 2003
Yoshina cherry (Tokyo Cherry) 2003
Birch Bark Cherry ( Tibetian) 2004
Cherry Plum Thundercloud 2003
Japanese Maple Sango Kaku 2004
Japanese Maple Oshio Beni "Great red tide." 2005
Japanese Zelkova "Green Vase" 2005
Heritage River Birch 2004
White Ash Autumn Purple 2004
Linden Redmond 2004

Edible Bushes that I have planted
Black Currant Ben Sarek 2004
Red Raspberry (cultivar unknown) 2004

Deciduous bushes
Golden Privet x 10 2003
Burning Bushes x 3 2004
Sand Cherry x 3 2003
Climbing Hydrangea 2003
Hydrangea Hobella 2003
Crape Myrtle ’Tonto’ 2005
Madame Lemoine 2003
Miss Canada 2003
James Macfarlane 2003
Common 2003

Evergreen trees and bushes
Norway Spruce 2003
Austrian Pine 2003
Arborvitae Emerald Green 2003
Weeping Norway Spruce Pendula 2004
Dwarf Alberta spruce Conica 2004
Dwarf spruce Nidiformis Bird Nest 2004
False Cypress Hinoki 2003
Golden Threadleaf Falsecypress
Lemon Thread 2003
Dwarf Arborvitae Pygmy Globe 2004

Evergreen bushes:
Common boxwood x 5 2003
Photinia Red Robin 2004
Euonymus Chollipo 2004
Rhododendron Olga Mezitt 2004
Rhododendron Cunninghams White 2004
Rhododendron Rocket 2005
Blue Prince holly 2004
Blue Princess holly 2004
Tradition azaleas x 5 2003
(pink x 2 , white, purple x 2)
Rosebud azaleas 2005

Clematis Multi-Blue 2004
Clematis Guernsey Cream 2004
Clematis Niobe 2005
Tropical vine Mandeville 2005

Rose Climbing Din Juan 2004
Rose Climbing White Dawn 2004
Rose Climbing Peace 2004
Rose Hybrid Tea Peace 2004
Rose Hybrid Tea Barbra Streisand 2004
Rose Hybrid Red Masterpiece 2004

Rose Floribunda Summer Snow 2004
Rose rugosa Linda Campbell 2004
Mini rose Debut Snow Sunblaze’ ’LadySunblaze’ ’Purple Sunblaze ’
RoseHybrid Tea ’Heirloom’ 2005
RoseHybrid Tea Sunset Celebration 2005
Rose Floribunda ’Eureka’ 2005
Rosa GrandFlora ’Fame’ 2005

Lily of the Valley 2004
Variegated Dalmatian Iris 2004
German tall bearded iris Lets Boogie 2004
German tall bearded iris Rare Treat 2004
Echinacea Ruby Star 2004
New England Aster Purple dome 2005
Dianthus Baths Pink 2005
Peony Sara Bernhardt 2003
Peony Karl Rosenfield 2003
Peony Duches de Nemour 2003
Nippon daisy Montauk Daisy 2003
Asiatic Lilys
Pollyanna, Vermeer, Crimson red 2004
Oriental Lily Mona Lisa 2004
Day Lily " Bonanza 2004
Day Lily Frans Hals 2004
France Purple, Orange Perfection,
Bright Eyes, Miss Lingard 2004

Ornamental Grass and Sedge
Sedge Fox Red Curly Sedge 2005
Dwarf Purple Fountain Grass
Red Riding Hood "Rubrum" 2005
Zebra class grass Zebrinus 2004
Oriental grass
Golden Variegated Sweet Flag 2004

Amazon 2004
Miranda 2004
Ballet 2004
Texas Flame 2004
American Eagle 2004
Jack Pot 2005
Lucky Strike 2005
Fringed Assorted 2005
Black Diamond 2005

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6NJ

My favorite forum 1 is Trees.

My favorite forum 2 is Roses.

First registered on June 01, 2005 .