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My name is Teresa, and I live in San Antonio. I teach high school Orchestra. I developed a passion for orchids when my Vietnamese Father in Law left me several orchids in various states. He doesn’t speak perfect English, and I was pretty confused about how to care for them. Not wanting to kill the first gift from my new in-laws I went searching for Orchid knowledge and found this fabulous forum! Now I have over 100 orchids. Some are gifts from my F-I-L and some are my purchases. I am trying to rescue many of them, and others are blooming beautifully! My favorite orchids: SLIPPERS!

1. Phal. (Brother Sophia ‘Pine Ridge #1’) ‘Sea Jewel’

2. Phal. Brother Goldsmith

3. Phal. Anthura ‘Sofia’

4. Phal Be tris ‘Brother #1’ x Phal. Brother Passat ‘Brother #5’ AM/AOS

6. phal. bellina (2)

7. Phal. heiroglyphica (2)

8. Phal. Baldan’s Kaleidescope (peloric)

9. D. Blue Violetta

10. D. Copter (Copper Queen x Dr. Poyck)

11. Dendrobium lichenastrum var. prenticei ’#1’ x ’#2’

12. D. Nobile hybrid

13. Dendrobium uniflorum

14. D. Arcuatum x Halawa Beauty

15. D. bigibbum x Bedford

16. D. Whitefoam

17. D. Walter Oumae

18. D. Tome

19. Ascda. John De Biase ‘Royal’ (Yip Sum Wah x V. Kasem’s Delight)

20. Ascda. Barbara Hanck (Suksamran Spots x Tubtim Velvet)

21. Ascda. Suk Sumran Beauty

23. V. Princess Blue

27. V. Vicki x Thananchai

28. Pot. Odom’s Sweetheart x Blc. Chyong Guu Sun

29. Bc. Island Charm ‘OC’ Donna Kimura x C. intermedia

30. Epi. Siam Jade

31. C. Jose Marti ‘Mother’s Favorite’ (Bob Betts x Bow Bells) (2)

32. C. Clark Hermann ‘Carl’ AM/AOS (Marjorie Hausermann x Fred Cole)

33. C. Bob Betts ‘White Lightning’ (Bow Bells x mossiae)

34. c. luteola

35. Lc. Mem. Robert Strait ‘Lakeland’ (C. walkeriana x Lc. Wayndora)

36. Blc. Yen Surprise

37. Blc. Mem. Helen Brown ‘Sweet Afton’ AM/AOS

38. c. walkeriana

39. Cattleya gaskelliana ’MC744’ x self (3)

40. Lc. Garret Collins

41. Lc. Mari’s Song

42. C. Fort Motte ‘Jaguar’

43. Onc. Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’ AM/AOS

44. Onc. Grower Ramsey (2)

45. Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice 4N x phrag lindleyanum ‘Birchwood’ AM/AOS (2)

46. Phrag. Bouley Bay (Eric Young x Grande)

47. Phrag. ’Lynn Evans-Goldner’

48. Phrag. Ruby Slippers (caudatum ’Noyo’ x besseae ’Eat My Dust’) (3)

49. Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice (sargentianum ’Rojo’ x longifolium ’Red Ropes’)

50. Phrag. Hanne Popow ’Charmer’ x Cardinale ’Noyo’

51. phrag pearcei

56. Phrag Cape Gold Nugget

59. Phrag Harbinger’s Grasshopper

60. paph. goultenianum ‘France’ x paph. fairrieanum Album ‘Hisinying’

61. paph. wardii ‘Fartisorous Jack’

62. paph. collosum var. sublaeve

63. Paph. Pulsar x Ruby Leopard ‘Flame’

64. Paph. Rafael Garcia Orraca x Paph charlesworthii

65. paph. delanati (2)

66. paph. henrynaum ’RCW’ x wilhelminae ’Catatonk’

67. Paph. St. Swithin

68. Paph. Shireen

69. Paph. Barbi Doll

70. paph. maliponese

71. Paph Darling ‘Chateau Neuf’ AM/RHS (Madame Martinet x lawrenceanum)

73. paph wolterianum

74. Paph. (Pulsar x Black Cherry) x fairrieanum ’Super Red’

75. Paph Prince Edward of York

76. Paph Quasar

78. paph. spicerianum

79. paph. vietnamense

80. paph. charlesworthii

81. Paph. NOID (3)

83. Paph. Mustache

84. Paph. Laser x Cherry Cider

85. Paph. St. Lowe

86. Paph. Lyro Blackhawk

87. Paph. Maudae Alba ‘Los Osos’ x Ruby Leopard ‘Snow Queen’

88. Paph. Harold Koopowitz

89. Paph. Alma Gavert ’Hagar’ x fairrianum var album ’Hagar’ fcc/aos

90. Bllra. Marfitch Howard’s Dream ‘Red Fox’

92. stanhopea tigrina var. nigrovalacea

93. pleurothallis cardiothallis

94. Wils. Tropic Breeze ‘Everglades’ HCC/AOS

95. phaius tankervilliae ‘Gloria Valera’

96. spathiglottis plicata

97. Mtssa. CM Fitch ‘Izumi’

98. max. tenuifolia (2)

99. vanilla planifolia (3)

100. bulbo. vaginatum

101. neofinetia falcata (Coerulea Dong Chon Hong x Magenta Joo Chon Wang)

102. anguloa ruckeri ’Hopbrook’ x self

104. brassavola nodosa grandiflora

105. bulbo. facetum

106. Stlma. Kelly ‘Lea’ (B. Nodosa x Ctna. Keith Roth)

107. rhy. digbyana

I live in: United States

My zone is: z8 TX

My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Orchid Gallery.

First registered on May 05, 2005 .