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I have four large houseplants inside in indirect light: a Sago palm (that's in question, it might be something else), 2 rubber plants and 2 split leaf Philodendrons. I also have several hostas on the front porch that I'll probably have to move in the winter since the trees will be bare and they'll get too much light. Since I rent and want to take my outdoor plants to my own home in a few years, I garden in containers out back. I moved back to Zone 8 in March of 2012, thank the goddess. No offense to anyone in zone 6 but I need warmth for my soul and temperate water for swimming, too. Now that summer's in full swing and the trees have leafed, I've less sun than I'd realized in the back, so take the outdoor garden description with a grain of salt. I have a few Roma tomato plants, almost all the Mediterranean herbs, begonias and Persian shields together in 3 pots, geraniums (really missing their sun), one each of aloe, sunflower, hellebore, and croton, 12 lugustrum (lugustra?) in giant pots for privacy since I'm not allowed to build a fence, a variety of hosta (of course they love the shade) and three tiny Japanese maples. On the front porch, 4 large hostas, 3 flowering now, and 2 even smaller crotons. I also created a small fountain with a blue ceramic bowl, a pump and a bamboo spout. Planted in it is papyrus in a pot of stones and very little soil, and some floating water hyacinth, which I must keep trimming. They just bloomed! However, the rain pelted them down. Alas.

I love all kinds of plants and raised bed veggie gardening so do look forward to my own home where, if "I feel like bustin' loose"*, I can. (*in tribute to Washington, DC's lastest fallen musical hero, Chuck Brown, R.I.P., "Godfather of Go-Go")

I live in: United States

My zone is: 8

First registered on January 02, 2008 .