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I live in Pensacola, Florida, and we have a cabin in Indiana. So you see, I have 2 different zones in which to garden. Last year, I started a garden approximately 70 feet by 140 feet in Pensacola. My yard got too small! I am fighting Virginia creeper, elderberry, dewberry vines, nutgrass, and Bermuda grass--HELP!!!! There is a lot of black plastic, cardboard, layers of newspaper, and old carpet on the ground to help with the weeds. When I dig a bed, I also have to contend with buried "treasure" -- old brick, tin cans, bottles, big pieces of broken concrete, and lots of other "good? stuff!" If you live in the vicinity e-mail me, and maybe we can share our garden problems, and experiences.
The above was written some years back--
The garden was really beginning to take shape until January 25, 2004. A chevy van knocked down 59 feet of fence and went 135 feet through the garden. I had just emptied a 12 by 16 storage building because it had termites, and put all the "stuff" outside. The van naturally hit and broke all of it! A Large Iron washpot, a chiminea, tons of clay pots, several Lampbase bowling ball holders, 2 aquariums, and about a dozen large glass globes. He knocked down 3 stacked tires full of dirt (for growing potatoes), 3 stacks of solid concrete blocks, and knocked down my grandparents old pump. Another 15 feet and he would have been through another fence and a mobile home! When he first hit the fence and the stopsign on the corner, the stopsign was thrown 25 feet into the garden and the top rail of the chainlink fence sailed 40 feet and went through a piece of lattice and broke my large japanese lantern. He knocked down a virbunum, and ginger lilies and a banana tree. Bulbs from the bulb bed were found 30 feet away from the bed. I have a wheelbarrow that is completely flat 0think I will turn it into a garden sculpture!) Well, you get the idea.
I got most of glass picked up, photos for the insurance co. (which did pay for everything--I had LOTS of photos for them to look at!) and by August the garden was in pretty good shape again. The viburnum was doing ok and I had bought another banana tree--and guss what--Hurricane Ivan cam for a visit. I really shouldn't complain--We had damage but we still have our house, and the sheds. Unlike a lot of others, including my brother, who lost the beach house my parents built in the 1950's) and his house had almost 5 feet of salt water in it from the storm surge. One cousin had all his furniture pushed out of the house and into the back yard, and his 2 brothers lost their business.
To get back to what happened here--limbs were everywhere--We couldn't walk across the front yard for fallen limbs, the roofing blew off the workshop, and one 24x46 window pane in the LF window was broken. The house roof only lost a few shingles. The doublewide mobile home lost the roof on the screen room and the main roof had a limb on it and through the ceiling of the living room.
The garden had limbs down on all the plants and lost the fence AGAIN! Do I get a discount for having the same fence down twice in one year? Only more of it was down this time!
We just put one of trellis back up last week. There are still 3 others and a couple of oblisks down. I still have a lot to do (it's late January and now the weather today is 25 with a wind chill of 12.) That's a lot happening to everything in one year, isn't it?
We also found out in June of 2004 that DH has non-hodgkins lymphoma. I'm glad it's 2005!!

Well, 2005 has not been much better. We have had TS Arlene, Cindy and Hurricane Dennis, as well as feeder band from Katrina and Rita. The sheds have tarps over them now, and the fences are down again.

Bill has had abdominal anurysm surgery (in Junly)and they have now found a malignancy on his adrenal gland. More tests coming up!

I NOW HAVE A WEB PAGE...My daughter set it up, and is very disgusted right now. She had everything all neat and lined up and when she uploaded it, some things were moved around. Instead of sentences going across the page, they showed up in columns, and all kinds of things! Oh well, the pictures are there, and maybe you can figure out what goes with which!

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