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I am an avid (read crazy / obsessive) gardener. My first obsession with plants started with growing cacti (especially rebutias and sulcorebutias (Rebutia)) in a 1 bedroom apartment (160 different cultivars).
In 1998 my wife and I moved to a new home (new to us) on 2 acres of wooded property so naturally the choice of plants for the backyard was very limited or so I thought. Focusing for the most part on Hosta we were able to transform it to a very inviting place. With time we added some viburnums, rhododendrons, azaleas and also various shade perennials. Currently I have about 200 different cultivars of Hosta (all together I believe the number of hosta on my property exceeds 1000) Few years ago I grew a bunch of hosta from my own seeds and today they are almost mature plants and I am really happy to have them even though they are only green, blue and yellow solid color.
Front yard receives half day sun that originally we filled it with ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials. We also planted some fruit trees (peaches, cherries, apples) and bushes (blueberries, gooseberries, currants) – unfortunately most of our plants came from a box stores and after a couple of years came the disappointments, mislabeled plants, wrong varieties, standard vs. dwarf and so on. For the passed 3 years we are slowly replacing all fruit producing plants with a stock from reputable nurseries – live and learn. Fruit trees: peaches, sweet / sour cherries, apples, Asian / European pears, plums. Bushes: blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries, currants. Perennials: alpine and regular strawberry.
I have two beautiful kids, son Christopher and daughter Ania.
Originally I became a member of GardenWeb in 2002 under nick – Hexed (reading post since 1998).
I am a lurker, I don’t usually post.
I consider the information contained in the forums a “Gold mine”.

I live in: United States

First registered on June 07, 2006 .