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I find the challenge of growing exotic plants hard to resist. In my small garden I grow the following:

a)Bananas (7 varieties)
- Williams hybrid,
- Ice cream,
- Goldfinger
- Double Mahoi
- Dwarf Cavendish
- 2 unidentified varieties
i. Orange
- Washington navel
- Valencia
ii. Lemon
iii. Mantarin
iv. Kumquat
v. Limes
- Key
- Bearss
c)Pineapple (ananas comosus)
d)Italian pine (pinus pinea)
e)Palm trees
- washingtonia robusta
- phoenix dactylifera (medjool from seed)
f)Various flowers like
- bougainvillea (2 types)
- birds of paradise (strelitzia reginae)
- jasmine and stephanotis
g)Passiflora edulis (purple passion fruit)

I live in: Greece

My zone is: z10a Corfu

My favorite forum 1 is Banana.

My favorite forum 2 is Palms & Cycads.

First registered on May 30, 2005 .