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I’ve moved to a condo in Z7B and am now learning all about container gardening. Before, I’ve grown a very large organic vegetable garden and created no-spray perennial gardens and naturalized/forest plantings around my Z4 house in the mountains. Heirloom and species plants interest me and I also adore old roses. After constructing sheet-composted beds on top of rocky clay soil, I planted the garden grouped by type or color, and added perennials and ’wilder’ indigenous plants, including a day lilies, daffodils, species tulips, and some tender perennials I’m going to try to overwinter. I also winter sow, to create more perennials and annuals to interplant with the roses. This season I added a small veggie bed. Next project will be some shade/understory plantings underneath the forest cover, at the edge of the woods.

Current groupings:

Austrian Copper, Persian Yellow,
Ayrshire splendens, R spinissisoma altaica, Rosa mulligani

purples golds creams apricots pinks
Easlea’s Golden Rambler, Veilchenblau, Bleu Magenta, Rosemarie Viaud, Albric Barbier, Violette, Maigold, Euphoria, Alchymist, Fruhlingsmorgen, Reine des Violettes, Stanwell Perpetual, Erfurt, Dr.Eckener, New Dawn, Paulii

orange daylilies, purple and white coneflower, flowering quince, false blue indigo, iris

purples and pinks
Eugenie Guinnoisseau, The Gift, La Belle Sultane, Therese Bugnet, Great Maiden’s Blush, Cardinal de Richelieu

yellows apricots
Agnes, Aurora, Marianne, Robert Leopold, Folksinger Bredon

moly garlic + alliums, Achillea ‘Anthea’ and ‘Moonshine’, Curry plant, yellow loosestrife, variegated evening primrose, ‘Rainbow’ leucothoe

purples stripes whites
Baron de Wassenaar, Anais Segalas, Belle de Crcy, Mme Hardy, Camaieux, Hippolyte

blacks reds purples striped
Tuscany, Tricolore de Flandre, Nuits de Young

Japanese blood grass, dragon’s blood sedum, purple leaf sand cherry, Henry’s Sweetspire, Burning Bush. Elijah Blue Fescue, pokeberry, rose campion

pinks and purples
Seven Sisters, Duchesse de Montebello, Cardinal de Richelieu, Variegata di Bologna, William Lobb, Soupert et Notting, Salet, Louise Odier, Commandant Beaurepaire, Elmshorn, Mozart

Artemisia, blue spirea, white liatris

My ’hot’ bed: scarlet, red/orange, pinks and striped

William Baffin, Gem of the Prairies, Comtesse de Lacepede, Duchesse d’Angoulme, R. carolina plena, R. Virginiana plena, Champlain

dahlias, Durban canna, Intrigue canna, Red Hot Poker, crocosmia, black eyed susans, cardinal flower, cimifuga Brunette, yucca Adam’s Needle, white liatris, Star of Persia allium, Vesuvius Maltese Cross, yellow torch lily

pinks apricots
Louise Clements, Just Joey, Soleil d’Or, Apricot Nectar, Ambridge Rose, Souvenir de la Malmaison, Gruss an Aachen, Summer Wine, Winter Sunset, Golden Unicorn, Rural Rhythm, Morden Blush, Hawkeye Belle, Earth Song, Morden Sunrise, Mary Magdalene, Ghislaine de Feligonde, Buff Beauty, Carefree Beauty, Cornelia, Julia’s Rose, Autumn Sunset, Antique Artistry, Dancing in the Wind, Bridge of Sighs, By Appointment, Autumn Damask/Quatre Saisons, Darlow’s Enigma

Barlow’s black columbines, Wyoming cannas, crambe cordifolia, volcano purple salvia, white bellflowers
mixed hardy glads, Blue Globe Thistle, Serviceberry, foxgloves, hollyhocks, Carolina spice bush, nandina, sweet autumn clematis, Siberian iris

mauves violets whites
Charles de Mills, Jenny Duval, Gloire de France, Tour de Malakoff, Robert le Diable, Ombree Parfaite, The Gift

Lycoris squamigera/Resurrection Lilies, Skyrocket juniper,
Purple Beautyberry Bush, Bronze fennel, Purple Emperor sedum, Korean Feather Grass, Weigelia Midnight Wine, Arctic rosemary,Greek oregano, thyme, caraway, calendula, sorrel

pinks and striped
Knigin von Dnemark, Chloris, Minette, Felicite Parmentier, Fru Dagmar Hastropp, Prairie Joy, Marie-Victorin

Spirea ‘Snowstorm", Pieris japonica, Ribbon grass, Autumn joy sedum, bloody dock, lamb’s ear, common mullein

reds creams
Fantin Latour, David Thompson, Apothecary Rose, Rosa Mundi, Trier, Felicia

Sutherland Gold and Black Beauty Sambucus/elderberry, Salvia argentea, Euphorbias/cushion spurge,
Monkshood, alpine columbines, bloody dock, rodgersia,
Brilliance ferns, Branford fern, fritillaria and turkestiana tulips, coral bells heuchera, Yucca ‘Adam’s Needle’, liatris, French Pussy Willow

I live in: United States

My zone is: z8B

First registered on August 13, 2004 .