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I am fairly new at gardening and not doing too bad. I am lucky enough to live in a very small townhouse complex where the manager is kind enough to let me do my gardening. I have a tiny front bed (10x13) and a back patio where I can container garden to my heart’s content. I am also lucky enough to have a husband who has access to free flats and potting containers. My favorite part of gardening is watching the itty bitty seedlings pop out of the soil to show their little faces to the sun. I also have access to my parents yard which covers 3/4 of an acre. They are happy to let me do whatever I want to it. Besides it gives the grandparents time with the kids.

"My Fledgling"

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And a funny little story about my escapades as a newbie gardener....

See last year when we decided to plant little flower garden, I spent $150 dollars on plants and supplies. Planted everything and it looked real cute...for about a week.

Something, over the period of about five days, chomped everything down to the ground. So much for that.

Then this spring I laid down what must have been about 2,000 seeds worth of flower mix packets. Every little seedlng that came up disappeared. On the way out the door to work one morning my husband discovered slug city. So we just let it go for a few months. Then he decided that he was tired of looking at our barren little patch of dirt every time he walked out the front door. So he started bringing home a few leftover plants from the "flower lady" at his job. (He works in lawn maintenance). He also brought home slug bait in three different forms. It was gross the first morning after he laid down all of that. It was like a slug holocaust. And I really didn’t have a choice but to plant what he brought home where I thought it would look good.

It’s not my fault that he brought home the petunias after the lobelia (petunias ate it). And it’s not my fault that he brought home the gloriosa daisies and salvia after he brought home the marigolds (daisies and salvia ate those too) Ans it’s not my fault he brought home the impatiens after the wax begonias (impatiens ate the begonias).

Is it just me or do I have a cannibalistic garden? And the extra sandy soil on the side that we liberated from a nasty looking weed is now eating the other half of the magellan zinnias that he brought home. Poor things don’t like it over there. No room for the hostas (most pathetic looking things I’ve ever seen all crowded in on both sides). Oh yeah, the petunias are in the process of eating my jewelbox celosia too. Except one who’s a fighter and seems to want to keep it’s head above water at all costs.
So now that you are rolling on the ground with your sides busting open, I will tell you this is why I am starting everything from my own seeds next year. I have got to put an end to the cannibalism. It’s just not right.

"My Full Grown Cannibal"

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Oh yeah, I LOVE Christmas. This is my tree from 2005 with mostly handmade ornaments.


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