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I seem to get into everything....been stamp collector, coin collector, rock hound, astronomy buff, enjoy cooking and fine wine, bird watching, the Outer Banks (Ocracoke Island is heaven), MUSIC (avid listener of primarily classical - Mahler!!!!, Shostakovich, Bruckner - jazz, particularly ECM label (Pat Metheny is my music hero), all sorts of recent rock such as Radiohead (big tip - do a google search on WXPN in Philadelphia and listen live - a GREAT radio station - or check out Paradise Radio...another superb streaming site), as well as Steely Dan and REM...also a guitar player (once in a rock band)...heiroom tomato addict since 1986, but gardening since I was a child (I am still a child,I suppose). Favorite things - my wife Sue (BEST friend, 24 years and counting, incredibly wonderful person and talented at crafts such as quilts and needlepoint), daughters Sara (now 23, heading for the Peace Corps this summer) and Caitlin (19, out of high school and in the process of trying to find herself and figure some things out...)....the pets are OK too - our 14 year old black lab mutt Zoe, 2 year old Chocolate lab mutt Buddy and 9 month old pure bred Chocolate lab Mocha....and one very cool, patient, 2 year old orange tabby, Moby).

Then there is work, the necessary evil that allows Sue and I to do the things we enjoy doing....have a PhD in chemistry, but no longer use it - 21 years in the Pharma industry, as bench chemist, pilot plant manager, now a Director in an internal consultancy department focusing upon change management and business process improvement. It is hard to explain to people what I do, which is how I like it (especially my supervisor, who is in the UK, which suits me just fine).

Some day, I will write my book on heirloom tomatoes. My passions are growing out family heirlooms, as well as collecting old seed catalogs and seeking and growing out the old commercial varieties. We also sell heirloom tomato seedlings (also unusual pepper and eggplant) at the Raleigh farmer's market each spring - not for the money as much as to spread these wonderful old varieties around the area into other's gardens.

That should be enough....

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7/8 NC

My favorite forum 1 is Growing Tomatoes.

My favorite forum 2 is Hot Pepper.

First registered on February 01, 2002 .