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Hey all,

This is the first online forum I've ever signed up for. But I started my little worm farm and had soooo many questions. I found this site and became a regular lurker on the Vermicomposting forum. After a while I figured I should join the fun.

After the worm thing I discovered Winter Sowing and *that* sure upped my gardening time over the winter! Then, last Spring, I had a problem with my African Violets and went to that forum for help....

That was the beginning of the end. Now I have 17 named varieties of African Violet as well as my original 5 NOIDs.

About me. Hmm. Let's see. I have a lot of pets. No, really. A roommate of mine once said that when she writes her memoirs the chapter about living with me will be called "12 rats in the bathtub". (It was only for a few weeks, really.) As of now I have a great dane, a malamuteX, 2 cats, 3 snakes, 2 rats (and their pet mouse), and I'm looking for a rabbit or two. My excuse for the rabbit(s) is that it'll be good for my compost (and now worms). I've never successfully created a hot compost pile, and don't want to import manure into my suburban neighborhood. :(

So me and my menagerie will talk to you soon,


Afican Violets I have:


1) Optimara Little Amethyst

2) Chantaspring

3) Dean's Shy Blue

4) Rob's Cloudy Skies

5) Rob's Voodoo Blue

6) Rob's Twinkle Pink

7) Ballet Blue Ice


1) Rob's Fuzzy Navel

2) Irish Flirt

3) Trinket o' Pink

4) Motley Crew

5) Trinket Bluebird

6) Rob's Scooter

7) Nymph Fly

8) Rob's Blue Socks

9) Persian Lace

10) Ness' Satin Rose

There are a lot that I want too. Sometime soonish I'll get it together and include that list.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: Hamilton, On

My favorite forum 1 is African Violets.

My favorite forum 2 is Winter Sowing.

First registered on January 15, 2005 .