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My name is Jennifer, I'm 21 years old I found this forum upon searching for help dealing with my fathers passing. He died and the very young age of 52, they believe it was a heart attack. Really long story, it came as such a shock to all of us(me, my two older brothers, and my mom although my parents had been seperated for many years they were still very close). No sign what so ever. Got a call at 10:30pm, August 20, 2005 from my dad's number(my dad was always in bed by 9:00pm) and right then it was like before I even answered I knew. I thought I was holding up pretty well, but it seems lately I can't deal with it. My dad is gone and it hurts more than anything I have ever gone through. When I got the call, me, my husband and our three year ald daughter left immediatly for the two in a half hour drive to his house, were my mother and brother were already. I loved my dad so much, I was always his "little princess" always even after I was grown and married, he would say. If anybody can give me advice I would much appreciate it. Thanks Jenny

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