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Recently I moved into my first house in Livermore, California. Since this the first bit of property I've owned, I am trying to prepare a vegie/herb garden. So I started by digging into the ground. Here's what I found:
- top 3 inches--grass, some kind of potting soil.
- next 4 inches--clay mixed with some rocks
- next foot--some kind of hardpan mixed with big rocks
- next foot--even harder harpan
- after that--reddish clay that at least drains.

I'm not sure that the hardpan is hardpan, but it sounds like it. At the hardpan depth, I filled the hole with 3 inches of water, and it took three weeks to drain. When I dig into it, it seems like concrete, and i can only scrape at it. When I get down to the reddish clay underneath, three inches drains overnight.

I live in: United States

My zone is: CA east bay

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