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When I got married, my mother-in-law started giving me plants. She had a small green house...she loved to share. I wasn't really interested but felt like I had to nurture everything that she gave me. It didn't take very long for the gardening bug to bite me.

I have now been married 15 years...two children, we're on our second house and I don't think I could ever leave this one. I am in love with my garden and can't imagine anyone else having it...nor can I imagine starting over!

I have two daughters, the elder has no interest. My youngest, Mollie, is four and is my garden buddy. Last summer, I spent most of my trying to answer her questions about all my plants. Most of the time, I said "Let's look in the book." This year, I purchased 100 plant markers and we are identifying all the plants, as best we can. I remember where they came from more frequently than I remember what they are!

We are now keeping a "Garden Journal". We label all new plants and keep the nursery tags. I think that perhaps her little thumb is as green as her Grandmother's. My Mother-in-law is no longer able to garden, but we share our journal and our pictures with her frequently.

Gardening is absolutely the best thing that I do with my young daughter...only she can throw mulch in my hair and make me laugh.

I dawned on me last year when I was pondering starting some kind of collection, that hosta would be most appropriate because it stays outside... We are having fun selecting hosta...not by how they look, but because the names mean something to us. We just purchased Paul's Glory....a dear friend to our entire family is named Paul. We also purchased "Titanic" because that is Mollie's older sister's favorite movie. Funny way to select plants, but our garden is full of memories and meaning. We have determined that there is a hosta "Maggie May" which apparently is rare. Mollie wants this one because her best sister in the whole world is "Maggie"....maybe one day we will find it.

In the mean time, we'll order "Brenda's Beauty"...her other grandmother is Brenda!


May 2005

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