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Just a basic Southern woodswoman granny struggling to keep things growing despite limited financial resources, global warming, various ninos (or ninas, or whatever they are), marauding deer, heavy clay soil, the occasional hurricane, flood, or ice storm, not to mention a dog who occasionally takes a notion to go swimming in my water garden. (Whew!--Am I challenged, or what?). I am surrounded by woods--limited full sun--and so most of my gardening efforts are centered on shade/part-shade plants. More and more, I appreciate our shade-loving woodland native plants. I also have dogs, two parrots, and a pet starling. The birds all talk (yes, starlings do talk!) and the dogs speak in their own language.

I am especially interested in trading for shade-loving woodland plants, and always looking for those among them that are more or less drought-tolerant and able to compete with tree roots. The soil here is such that new planting areas generally require substantial amendment, so I appreciate more and more those plants that can be happy under less than ideal conditions.


I am almost embarrassed to write this, but I have been "burned" far too often recently (always a new crop of GW "swaplifters," it seems) and would very much like to avoid having this happen again. So many wonderful, generous, thoughtful (and NICE!) people/traders out there, but I am getting so tired of being "taken" by the "rotten apple minority,"--not to mention the time/effort/money drain! If it continues, I WILL start to file mail fraud charges! Please forgive me, but I am becoming more and more reluctant to trade with newbies for this reason, even though this doesn't seem very fair. :(

I do answer all emails, even if the answer is "no." I personally think it's rude to ignore inquiries. If someone takes the time and makes the effort to contact me, it is my feeling that this person deserves the courtesy of a reply. I wish more traders felt this way, as I have been left dangling many times and I find it less than polite and certainly not conducive to good trade relationships.

I generally prefer to do large trades--meaning at least 5 plants (depending on size, etc.). Given the high cost of mailing, it just doesn't make sense to me to send/receive just a few plants at a time. Also, I keep a postage scale, and I like to ship as many plants as I can squeeze in for the postage. It is also much more time-effective to pack and mail one big box than several smaller ones. I expect to do a lot fewer trades this year ('04) as my immediate needs are less, and so I'm hoping for more "quality" trades. As is true of most of us, I see no point in putting in the time and effort to dig and pack plants and then spending more on postage than I would if I simply went out and bought the plant(s) in the first place. And so I tend to focus more on plants that are hard to find or that are outside of the constraints of my budget.

As is true of most GW traders, I pack my trade plants well and I mail them in boxes, usually via Priority Mail unless it is to an area where I know first class will get there quicker. (Yes, it sometimes works that way.) Contrary to some, I like to mail plants on Saturday, as that way they are usually delivered to you on Monday. They do not stay on a loading dock or in a warehouse. Rather, they are moved to wherever they are going over the weekend and usually arrive in time for Monday delivery. I email you when your plants are on the way, and I let you know when your plants arrive. I appreciate the same courtesy from you.

Please try to be as specific as possible about size of plants, number of plants, etc. before the trade takes place, and I will try to do the same for you. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have before trading. I like for you to be as happy as possible as a result of trading with me, but I don't know what your questions are unless you ask them (even if they seem "silly"). Just one thing, though: If you do not know what a particular plant is, PLEASE do not ask ME. Rather, do a websearch first, which should turn up far more information than I could tell you. Then if you still have questions, ask.

If there is a problem when your plants arrive, please let me know rather than be "polite" and say everything is O.K. I can usually replace plants if need be, and in any case, I would rather know about problems so as to avoid repeating them in the future. I do try to be a "good and responsible trader," but I know that the occasional problem will inevitably occur. However, if I don't know it's "broke," I sure can't fix it! (Might not be able to, anyway, but the odds sure are better if I know about it.)

I know all too well that "Life" can--and does--sometimes get in the way of smooth trading. It has happened to me, but so far I have been able to let my trader know that things have been delayed, or whatever. So, if this should happen with you, please just let me know, and I will extend the same courtesy.


I live in: United States

My zone is: z7 NC

My favorite forum 1 is Plant Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Hypertufa.

First registered on March 24, 2002 .