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4-1-05 Lazy, but want a nicely landscaped yard. LOVE spring bulbs. Have just moved to a new doublewide on two acres of last year's alfalfa. I moved to the country (Conquest) to give my 4 Siberian huskies a fenced acre to run in, and I will need a cheaper place to live when I retire next year. The other acre now needs to become lawn. The land is very wet and we have had two years of very high precipation. I have to find the best areas to plant. I came here in September and planted a few daffodils to see if the bulbs could survive the wet soil. The brave little things have sent up shoots and I am thrilled. I left behind numerous daffodils at the house I just sold. Because so much of my land is wet until summer, I am considering landscaping around the house in containers or raised beds.
11-1-05 Now we have a wet fall and I am still fighting mud. Have planted 6 trees and 5 bushes. Now have 195 bulbs to get in. The alfalfa field is looking a little like a home and yard. Added another 3 adjacent acres to my domain to preserve the privacy I already enjoy. Country living is much more relaxing for me than being on the edge of a small city (Auburn). Conquest is now my "Green Acres" and I am enjoying landscaping from scratch!

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