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I am michele or chele for short.I am the owner of http://group.yahoo.com/group/eastcoastbamboogroup a free bamboo group..i love to grow things.I love to scrounge free wild plants,trees and bushes or from people that are getting rid of them..I have 18 types of bamboo.I am a master metalsmith and woodworker.world travler,and bird watcher(abs),and i live with my cousin sylvia on a 7.6 acre mtn top in the far n/e tn mtns.we have 2 german shepards and 2 call ducks,2 pekin ducks,3 cayuga ducks and a mix breed duck,1 chicken and 4 cockatieals(more in eggs comming lol).And i belong to the bambooweb http://www.bambooweb.info/Plants.php

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z6_S36_ne_tn_mt

My favorite forum 1 is Bamboo.

First registered on June 24, 2005 .