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I have grown tomatoes since 10 yrs old and heirlooms since 18 (now 61) My parents were both from NW Missouri where both sets of grandparents and most of my uncles and a few cousins were farmers. I have grown approx many heirlooms (grew about 100 plants a year - 30-40% new yearly ) over the last 43 years most from seeds relatives from all over Missouri and some from Iowa , Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Penn(Pa) who used to send me seeds (aunt in Pa had Dutch and Amish farmer contacts) and I had one uncle who had a Phd in agricultural sciences and animal husbandry from Columbia and taught at Bowling Green Ky (didnt hold that against him because I am a Cal Poly Pomona grad) At one time he was a consultant to farmers in So America for the Govt and he used to bring me back or send tomato and currant seeds from there - but I never seed saved (still dont today) - alway a problem with enough space to allow proper isolation - I wish I had known about and sent seed to SSE even though I wasnt a seed saver - I regret it now as I dont have access to the old family heirlooms and others I would like to grow again - I was dependant on what I received each year and when these sources dried up I had to go elsewhere - I started to buy heirloom plants locally off and on (got lazy) however eventually too many problems (plants with diseases) and lack of varieties got me into buying and back into starting from seed - wish my one grandma didnt do a reverse mortgage on her last 2000 acres in MO - that would have been nice to set up there eventually - oh well I am on a five year plan to go to Montana anyway so trying lots of cooler climate maters now days - hope to get enough land to put a big greenhouse and have hoop and frost covers and contact my long lost cousins to see if I can find some old family seeds and start saving - have a few good years left in me

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