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I'm gardening on property that was wooded when we bought it in 2007. It had a home on it many years ago but there are no signs of it now other than some old rusty metal parts we've found with the metal detector and a few peices of broken dishes that get uncovered when it rains. As far as plantings that were here, the only thing that I've found on it that someone may have planted is a beautiful huge old Gardenia bush that we discovered while clearing for our homesite. We've found 4 or 5 Dogwoods that I assumed are native and I've gathered seeds and started little ones from one. Our house isn't completely finished but I'd rather buy plants and be outside making the yard pretty than buying furniture and being inside decorating or painting. My flowerbeds are in their 3rd year now and are just beginning to look good. I've recently admitted to myself that I am a plant hoarder but I'm learning to share and let some go...but to good homes only. :)

I live in: United States

My zone is: 8

My Birthday is July 2 .

First registered on November 16, 2010 .