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Hello From MrsJustice

I had a Large Garden for five years, but never was able to Grow Tomatoes without Pest problems or Diseases, until last year while rebuilding my home from hurricane Isabel, when we brought new soil, to level the ground around the house washed away by hurricane.

I chosen the cherry tomatoes as a snack last summer, because there was no room/Time for canning, and to much work in reconstructing our home ourselves, to maintain a large Garden.

We passed city inspection Around March of this year 2005, with little help from Insurance Company, because Former Contractors Reconstructed our Home without Pulling a City permit that left our Home Rotten and our home did not withstand Hurricane Isabel.

This was the first time I growing Prefect Tomatoes in my Life, Amen!!!

The Cherry Tomato, was beautiful, and good tasting, the best snack food, that made all that hard work seem exciting when taking a brake or lunch time just to eat those beautiful Cherry Tomatoes.

my goal is to successful grow beef tomatoes in my large garden like I did with the Cherries, by working very hard with my soil in my Big Garden and "can them" for the first time.

I estimate the saving is will have on my food budget, if I successful can 100 jars, will equal to 1,000.00, encluding the other Veggies Canned my me per year.

My Goal for next year will to Grow Brandywine, and other Heirlooms, in order to learn about the different type's of Tomatoes.

I am learning to grow tomatoes, because my small tomatoes garden from last year has grown back, without me planting seeds.

I learned from Forum members that these Cherries Tomatoes which is growing all over my front yard is called Freebies.

One month ago I had about 100 plants growing everywhere, now I have about over 300.

The more I transplant to my large garden the more, grow in it place.

It my goal to find a place for all these freebies, because I thick it's a sign to become a Professional Tomatoes Grower/farmer.

I have a problem Communicating, and spelling because I suffer for Complex Dyslexia inwhich is a workable disability, and memorize how work are spell to communicate when writing, Amen!!!

I say Amen, when writing/writting because I am thankful to God in Jesus Name to have the ability to Communicate and read.

I pray that everyone try to understand me, Amen!!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: Hampton Va.

My favorite forum 1 is Growing Tomatoes.

My favorite forum 2 is Tomato Pests & Diseases.

First registered on June 23, 2005 .