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My garden is in a national forest in the Southern California mountains. This is my first year of being able to plant anything so I am looking forward to creating my garden on this semi-blank canvas.
When we purchased the cottage we live in the yard had 10 years of overgrowth and was over run with trees and weeds. After careful selection and elimination of half the trees and the pruning of remaining ones I now have a sunny front yard and a shady back yard. I hope to create a woodland garden with a cottage feel (if that's possible!).
Our house sits about 8-10 feet below street level and has a curving stair way that I created out of river rock and cedar landscaping logs. I planted a hedge at street level leaving enough room for a cottage or bulb garden in front. I hope to install a white vinyl picket fence and a vinyl arbor with either a gate or a door for privacy. The stairway is lined by a lovely elevated garden area on the left that is filled with native ferns, alpine strawberries, vinca major, daffodils and iris. I have been thinning out the vinca and transplanting it on the sloped areas to help with erosion.
This year I started a 'memory garden' with my birthday money. Nobody knows what to get me for birthday, Christmas etc., so I told everyone to give me cash and I would buy plants with the money then I put their name and the date on the back of a metal garden stake (K-Mart sells great stakes by Martha Stewart); I put the name of the plant on the front. This way every year that I look out at my lovely garden I can remember my gifts and the people who gave them! For my birthday I bought Dianthus 'Brilliant Star', Dusty Miller 'Silver Dust', Heuchera 'Amethyst Myst', 'Velvet Night' and 'Silver Lode', Lamium 'Pink Pewter', Penstemon 'Husker Red', Viburnum tinus 'Spring Bouquet' and 1 Atlantic Giant Pumpkin plant for Halloween. I think it is a good start for my front yard garden.
Last year we installed a chain link fence around the backyard and I need a quick cover for privacy as we have annoying and messy renters next door and I don't want to look at their 'Sanford and Son' backyard! Finding an evergreen vine (zone 9) to cover the fence is a priority for me this year.
My pet project is creating a miniature woodland garden. When we purchased our home it had a non-operational Jacuzzi in a dilapitated deck, which I demolished last summer. The spa was held in place by this hideous rock pile covered with tons of concrete. It was impossible to break out without a jackhammer so I decided to make a miniature woodland garden inside it instead. Some people refer to this type of garden as a 'fairy garden' but mine will not center around faeries. I already have the cabin and hope to buy the pond and waterfall this year. I am hoping to get lots of advice on miniature plants from this gardening site.
On another note, the rest of my garden is filled with faeries as well as gnomes and other whimsical creatures such as pixies which are currently peeking out from under ferns and hiding behind tree trunks! I love whimsy.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z9 CA

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