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I’ve been gardening off and on for 40+ years (I started very young with my Dad! :-) My basic interests are vegetables, herbs and fruits. I love to cook! I’ve been known to grow tomato plants in my front flower beds when I lived in Yuppie-ville. Horrors!
Prior to an installation of a fence , my vegetable garden of was known as the "Woodchuck Buffet". Thankfully the moniker no longer applies.
I live in suburban SE NH on 14 acres that I share with DH & Kids, a large herd of deer, a plethora of rabbits, woodchucks and other critters. I am slowly planting various small fruits, fruit and nuts trees, etc. Currently I have about 2 acres of lawn, 2 acres of mowed field planted with fruit, an 1800 sq. ft veggie garden, a good size asparagus patch, a 1/4 acre pond with the remainder woodlands and wetlands. I’m hoping to innoculate some oak logs with mushroom spores in the woodland and will try my hand at wild rice in the wetland/brook area. Yes the RE taxes are obscene, yes the soil is mostly rocks but I still love it here.
In my spare time....I’m also planting edibles, veggies, herbs, fruits, etc on a 10 acre plot in NW Maine, zone 3/4. This has been quite a challenge given the zone issues. I have a very small plot (under 1/4 acre)started.
I’m always experimenting with different ideas. I use no chemical fertilizers/pesticides, anti-fungals, etc except for my few roses and rely solely on manures, compost, fish tailings, and seaweed for fertilizers. I mulch everything with hay, straw, newpapers and grass clippings for the edibles and bark mulch for the flower beds. I have to admit, I’ve never tested the soil no matter where I’ve lived. Pests, critters disease etc., I take my harvest as it comes. Some years I fill the freezer, can even more and give it away. Other years are not so great.
I spend some time each day in my gardens but the bulk of my time is spent mowing and trimming the lawns and field.
In the past I have raised chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep and cattle for food along with dogs and horses for pleasure. My DH is not crazy about farm animals so we currently have only dogs.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z5 NH / Z3-4 ME

My favorite forum 1 is Vegetable Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is New England Gardening.

First registered on August 05, 2004 .