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I was so very excited to find this site. I guess you could call me a plant geek. I get so excited when the new plant and seed catalogs come out in late winter and I am a regualr at the local plant nurseries. My interestest in plants is pretty wide but I am always drawn to the unusual and unique. This is probably the reason I have always wanted to try some hybridizing of my own... to have something that is beautiful and unique. Also, being a chemist, there is a strong scientific curiosity. I have fairly recently excaped apartment life by purchasing a small house with a typical suburban yard. I been working the past to years to put in a small garden and a few flower bed and now it is time to fill them with something unique and beautiful. I am hoping that this group can give me some suggestions for titles of some good information sorces, help me narrow my thoughts to a plant type/group that is interesting and where I have a strong chance to see some sort of result. I understand that this is an area that takes patience but I at least want to start somwhere where I will be able to feel some amount of succes at seeing something unique.

I live in: United States

My zone is: zone 6: Ohio

First registered on February 22, 2002 .