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Hi all,

A breif bio:

I'm a fairly new gardener. I owe a deep debt to many of the folks here at GWeb for giving me an education that I doubt could have been aquired on any other website or anywhere for that matter. I have had, and continue to have, a great time learning it all too. I'm quite hooked on this stuff and expect that I'll be involved with it for many years to come. Lot's more to learn and laugh about.

I have written (or more exactly, edited down, from various postings) a number of the FAQ's on the Soil forum to help guide new users with answers to often repeated questions.

I spent two years weeding, clearing, and removing trees from a badly neglected yard. I am now focusing on defining and outlining where the garden beds are eventually going to be and designing the structures. The largest percentage of my gardening time is aquiring putrucibles and creating compost to ammend the soil with.

I have constructed a large raised veggie area and it is the only area that I activly utilize. So far I have been doing well with it. This year I'm attempting to go "NO-TILL" using permanent mulches and hope to be adding another 150 sq. ft. to the area in the form of about 20 "mini" raised beds.

I have created a couple of small Hosta beds that seem to be doing well but they need some companions to be finished. I have purchased seed and hope to make an attempt at starting some perennials this season.

As an aside to all this I've been developing an interest in the crafting various garden accesories. Copper Trellis's, Hypertufa Planters, Mosaic Stepping Stones, Garden Lanterns. All kinds of "accoutraments" that I have been seeing and would like to try my hand at creating. Many of these are little more than "napkin sketches" at this stage due to time constraints. I have projects planned that should take me well into retirement.

I'm located in a fairly urban town in NE N.J. about five miles from Manhatten with my wife and three rugrats.

I'll add more as time allows.

I live in: United States

My zone is: 6-NE NJ

My favorite forum 1 is Soil.

My favorite forum 2 is Landscape Design.

First registered on February 21, 2001 .