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I live in Lexington KY as the proud single parent of 2 wonderful, intriguing young men. A former New Yorker, my first real garden began here, where I focused on growing perennials and small fruits. The garden complemented a massive, ancient Concord grapevine that rested upon an old chicken wire roof held up by 4 crumbling wooden posts. It was a wonderful playground and hiding place for the boys as well as an outstanding tool to begin teaching them about nature.

We learned about hybridizing and pollination by noticing the stripes, shades, and colors of the thousands of violets that dotted the lawn. We learned about beneficial insects as we added yarrows and other tiny-flowered plants to the perennial beds. We grew things from seed and careful rootings; we learned about death and rebirth from the introduction of a compost pile.

So many memories. Here’s one: imagine my delight as I walked outside one day to find my 9-year-old giving a tour of our flower garden to his friends, teaching them everything I’d shared with him about the uniqueness of each given plant. Or the day my older son told me that the thing he loves to see the most is fallen dogwood petals strewn on the path in the woods he loves to walk. Or the fun I had one day long ago: while the kids were gone one beautiful autumn day, I'd planted 500 crocus bulbs in the lawn, holding this secret until spring. Now visualize a little boy running into the house on a crisp March afternoon yelling, Mom, Mom, you’ve got to see this! – there are flowers all over the lawn!

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