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I'm a SAHM of 3 beautiful kids in Broken Arrow, OK. My dh and I have been married 16 years. We moved to Oklahoma from Texas about 6 years ago.

In our backyard we have 2 gorgeous climbing roses, some yellow cannas, 1 black and tan coonhound and her two remaining sons who are half redbone. We did plant a bradford pear tree last Spring, but the two pups seem to think they're part beaver and chewed it in half. We always plant huge sunflowers along the back fence, however we now plant them on the outside of the fence as said pups think ALL flowers are tasty treats..:::sigh:::

Now we focus on the front yard. Along the front fence I have daffodils and irises. We're avid birdwatchers and keep a variety of feeders filled. We have orange daylilies which I transplanted from the fields at my grandparents' home in Missouri. I also have a couple of 'naked ladies'? That's what my grandparents call them. This is the second year I'll have had those and I'm hoping that they bloom this year. We have hostas and creaping myrtles in the front bed (shady), seperated by a ton of rocks (I love to pick up rocks). We put in two gardenia bushes this year after killing one last year.

Our newest experiment is attracting more butterflies. I've planted a 'black knight' butterfly bush and some 'butterfly blue' scabiosa.

We really enjoy the hummingbirds, so I'm currently looking for a trumpet vine or something similar to plant under those feeders.

I'm trying my hand at miniature roses this year as well.

We have various other plants scattered among the yard, and I'm really looking forward to learning more about all of them.


I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 OK

First registered on April 13, 2005 .