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I have found my people.

*UPDATE* I GOT MY FARM! We purchased 7 acres outside Columbus, Ohio complete with a 10 stall horse barn, babbling brook, fields and woods. I didn't quite get my wraparound porch but I have patios and a balcony deck and a bridge that crosses the brook and I love it here. :)

I've been at this for about four years, but I have an addictive personality so when I say four years it feels like about ten. I read a TON. Last year I quadrupled my in ground space and had so many containers they were literally falling off my deck. This year I'm thinking about kicking my family out of the house so I can fill their bedrooms up with dirt.

I love basil and mint and kale and chard. They all grow very well for me. That's probably why I love them. I like other herbs as well, and things that like shade, since I have a lot of that. I'm considering becoming obsessed with hostas next year.

My husband used to be really into bonsai but a rogue spring frost took out his tropicals so he kinda lost interest. I'm considering taking them over, although I have neither the patience nor skill. I might turn them into a fairy garden for my daughter.

I'm also a photographer. A real one, as in people pay me a lot of money to take pictures and I in turn submit it to the government as these so-called "taxes". I haven't gotten into taking pictures of my plant babies yet but someday I might.

I'm a little bit shy and a whole lot of funny. I volunteer at my local food pantry which has really changed my perspective on people, circumstances, life in general. I'm not an organic zealot but I do like to buy local. I garden pretty much organically just because it seems to work. I'm a "compassionarian" which means I only eat meat and eggs that I'm pretty sure have been humanely cared for. My family has a small farm an hour away so I fill my freezer with happy cow and make my omelets with eggs from chickens with names like "Angeline", "Calliope", and "Fleur". (I also fill my freezer with Angeline, Calliope, and Fleur, but that doesn't sound as compassionate.)

Two kids, a dog, a cat, a horse, a husband. I'd love to start a community garden in my neighborhood but I'm afraid of commitment. I want to make lye. Then I want to make soap. I really should learn canning so my freezer isn't so full. Right now I live in suburbia with a postage stamp yard and reclusive neighbors. Some day I will move back to the farm and have my cows and chickens and horses and a whole passel of dogs and a wraparound porch with rocking chairs and hanging ferns and acres and acres of all the dirt I could ever need. :)

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