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I love to work with flowers and plants. It’s a perfect place to pray or listen to music or my windchimes. Don’t like dirty hands though, so I wear rubber gloves. I just really started to build a pretty yard in 2003 and now I can’t stop! It’s so hot here, so it’s a challenge finding a time that suits me. I don’t like sweating or skeeters or bees, but the flowers call me {by name!} and I trot on out. We dug a small pond - about 200 gallons and put a few fish and plants in it last year. The yard is really small, about a quarter of an acre, but I’ve filled a lot of it up. I just love it. I have 3 cats, Robin, Bruce and Petey, they like to help- er- distract- me as I putter around. My hubby is my hero; killing Nancy-eating spiders, digging, hauling, moving and RE-moving anything I ask him to. And my 15 year old son, he’ll help, but would rather skateboard... All in all, I’m more than happy and too blessed! Nancy (Misskittycat because I’m a cat person.)

I live in: United States

My zone is: mid AL

My favorite forum 1 is Frugal Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Alabama Gardening.

First registered on October 23, 2003 .